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Logo da Kalamazoo sobreposto a flores de lúpulo frescas

Hops solutions based on the demands of the Brazilian beer market (traditional and artisanal) and ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical, aromas and cosmetics industries.

Cutting-edge technology for the Brazilian hop market

Quality control - Chemical analysis for hop products

Allows monitoring of harvests and improvement of hop management and cultivation.

The characterization of the product (flower, plug, pellet or extract) allows it to better meet the needs and requirements of the brewing market.

Equipamento para Análise de qualidade de lúpulos

Hops Processing - for hop growers and breweries

Processing adds value to hops, transforming them into products that improve the stability of aroma, flavor and bitterness, and facilitate application by breweries, improving yield, productivity and control of the brewing process.

We have experience in evaluation and improvement.  of systems for determining the harvest point, drying and pelleting systems.

In addition, we developed  advanced hop bitterness, aroma, and flavor solutions.

Lúpulo em Flor, em Pellet e Extrato de lúpulo

Research and Development

We take hops for applications beyond beer  

We apply state-of-the-art technologies to develop hop products for the food, pharmaceutical, energy production, and other markets of interest.

Flores de lúpulo saindo de um becker. No fundo balões com extratos de lúpulo

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Biofuels Innovation Laboratory (LIB - R. Daniel Hogan, 434 - Room 14 - Cidade Universitária, Campinas - SP, 13083-836, Brazil

(19) 99324-0455

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