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Research and Development

We develop our natural hop solutions from sustainable processes of extraction, fractionation and concentration and use of solvents (water, ethanol, carbon dioxide -CO2-, DES, natural LIs...) recognized as safe (GRAS). We intend to achieve a concept of the full use of the hop raw material to generate high-concept, value-added products for the market.

Lúpulo em Flor, Lúpulo em Pellet, e divérsas formas de extratos de lúpulos

Extraction with CO 2

High selectivity technique that allows to deliver products with high concentration and modulated to meet the brewing production.

Extraction with pressurized liquids

They deliver bioactive compounds from hops in high concentration.

Extraction with alternative solvents

We apply unconventional solvents to deliver functional, low environmental impact products to the market.

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