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Realização de análise de qualidade de Lúpulo

Hop chemical analysis

Specialized laboratory for hop analysis with the largest portfolio of hop analysis in Brazil

Essential for monitoring the evolution of the crop and for brewing planning

Flores de lúpulo no pé, vistas desde baixo

Available analysis

Visual inspection of cones and pellets

HOPS 2 - physical examination


HOPS 4 - humidity

Total alpha acids

HOPS 6 - Conductometric titration

Total Alpha and Beta Acids

HOPS 6 - Spectrophotometry

Stock index (HSI)

HOPS 12 - Spectrophotometry

Alpha and Beta Acids (Cohumulone and Colupulone)

HOPS 14 - Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)

Total essential oils

HOPS 13 - Steam drag distillation

Essential Oils Profile

HOPS 17 - Gas Chromatography


Flavor wheel (graph  Spider)

On-demand analysis

Total Polyphenols

EBC 7.14

Antioxidant capacity


Xanthohumol Concentration

EBC 7.15 - UPLC

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